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What is a Kotatsu?

Kotatsu is a popular piece of furniture in the Japanese culture. Kotatsu is a table with a thin heater that is attached to its bottom. Kotatsu is a comfortable, warm, and cozy sitting arrangement instead of you spending the whole of your time on your bed under the blanket or wearing tons of clothes to keep yourself warm. There is a blanket that lays between the table frame and the countertop piece which helps in insulation for you to put your legs or even entire body and enjoy the warmth in the cold days. It allows you to warm only the place where you sit instead of warming the entire room using the heater and spending a huge amount on your electricity bill. During winter it is the best choice to keep you warm and comfortable around your house. It is very comfortable and allows you to carry on with your daily tasks like cooking, reading a book, watching Tv with the same comfort. It can also be used as a dining table or one can nap on to it during winters. With gaining popularity in different countries, amazon delivers kotatsu at a reasonable price and high value for money. The table is available in various shapes and sizes depending upon its size, type, colors, patterns, and a number of people using it,. It becomes difficult to choose the best one that suits you. 

You will start feeling a warm if you turn on the heater and put your legs underneath but if your insulation is good enough, it will turn on less frequently and you won’t feel too hot under the blanket. You can buy a beautiful blanket or two for cheap from your local shops or online. 

You can also use a king-sized blanket if more than two people are using them. 

Where Did the Kotatsu Come From?

The history of kotatsu goes back to the Muromachi period or the Ashikaga shogunate back into the days in the fourteenth century. It starts with the Japanese cooking hearth called irori. Charcoal was the most used form for cooking, heating in the traditional Japanese households as it was also used to heat the irori. By the fourteenth century, the cooking form of ‘irory’ was introduced with the seating part. The seating was separated from cooking. There used to be a wooden platform like a plank on which a quilt was placed which was called ‘oki’ that trapped and localized the heat in the charcoal-burner. 

This early use of kotatsu was called hori-gotatsu which is derived from a word kanji which implies a ditch, digging meaning fire or torch and Tatsu meant a footwarmer. The formation of this seating begins to evolve with time especiALLY in the Edo period in the seventeenth century. These changes comprised of floor around the irori which was used to be dug out into the ground in the shape of a square. The wooden plank was placed on the side of this which used to make a hearth. The blanket was placed on the top of the platform again where one can sit with legs going underneath to enjoy the warmth and coziness. Then there was an invention of a movable kotatsu which was originated from the traditional Japanese concept of hori-gotatsu. This is how the invention of kotatsu took place a long time ago in Japan.  

How Have Kotatsu Developed Over the Years?

Traditionally the Japanese houses ha thin walls, hence, it always has been difficult to heat these walls in the cold winter days. Hence the kotatsu table became a permanent solution for maintaining warmth and heat in the Japanese houses. People used the kotatsu table for many years in their living rooms to keep themselves warm and comfortable. But then raised the requirement of moving kotatsu tables where people can keep their bedrooms, living rooms, or any other part of the house, warm, which gave birth to the portable kotatsu tables, and then there is no going back from there. 

Previously they made use of a coal pot to keep underneath the table to provide warmth and comfort to the people’s legs when they are put underneath the table. Later on in the middle of the twentieth century, owing to the technological advancements and modernization, the coal pot was replaced with an electric heater. Kotatsu became a wonderful option to lay down or take a nap with half of your body under the table keeping your legs warm and comfortable doing your daily activities like reading, writing, office work, or even dining. This was the final modernized structure of kotatsu with portability and electric heater attached. This was names as oki-gotatsu where ‘oki’ means placement. In the year 1997, a maximum number of houses in Japan had modern irori and almost 81 percent of the modern houses had kotatsu for their furniture and warming solutions. Since then, the use and demand for kotatsu have been growing rapidly. 

Where to Buy Japanese Kotatsu Tables Online?

Although kotatsu was originated from Japan, there are kotatsu stores available at various places in several countries. The products are either machine made or handcrafted with the best craftsmen of japan, maintaining japans cultural heritage. Kotatsu manufacturing units are in China and Japan along with a few other countries. Amazon delivers all of the kotatsu tables whichever you choose at your doorstep. You can choose from various companies, designs, sizes, colors, patterns, and as per your other requirements and budget. Amazon allows you to choose and compare among them. Below are the few companies which offer the best variety of kotatsu tables and also other Japanese furniture and home décor items such as chairs, pillows, cushions, bed, mats and many other things. If you are someone looking to give your house a modern Japanese touch with style and comfort, this is something you should check out. 

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